E-prescribing Software

Claricode has worked with both healthcare systems and pharmacies to build custom electronic prescribing systems that send and receive millions of e-prescriptions per year, either through the Surescripts network or directly to the hospital pharmacy.

E-prescribing software makes sure that the prescriber is providing enough specific information for the pharmacist to fill the prescription, including the name of the drug, the dosage, its physical form, the route, and the physician's instructions. It eliminates the time and effort of trying to understand the prescriber's handwriting as well as the chances of an error. Additionally, e-prescribing software significantly reduces the chances that the prescriber's intentions will be misinterpreted.

In addition, medication histories can be retrieved from pharmacies and insurers to give a more complete picture of what each patient has been prescribed and which prescriptions have been filled. Physicians can also find out which drugs are more or less expensive for their patients based on their insurance. Working with the patient to find drugs that they can afford increases the chances that their prescription(s) will be filled and that the patient’s health will improve.

We integrate our custom e-prescribing software with common drug databases such as First Databank, Medi-Span, Lexicomp, and Rx-Norm to use the latest drug information and check for drug-drug interactions.

Send and receive e-prescriptions for controlled substances (EPCS).

We have built multiple electronic prescribing systems for both prescribers and pharmacies that have been certified for EPCS (electronic prescribing for controlled substances) by DEA-recommended auditors. We can implement both the two-factor authentication and the identity proofing needed to be EPCS-certified.

Stay out of the e-prescribing weeds.

There are hundreds of pages of e-prescribing documentation that have to be implemented, so adopting or changing these systems is complicated.

We have deep knowledge and extensive experience with all of the NCPDP messages that are needed to send and receive e-prescriptions, including:

  • New e-prescriptions (NEWRX)
  • Rx e-prescription renewal (REFREQ and REFRES)
  • Change e-prescription (RXCHG)
  • Cancel e-prescription (CANRX)
  • Fill medication (RxFill)
  • Eligibility checking
  • Medication history
  • Formulary lookup
    • Benefits checking for patients
    • Providing formulary status
    • Providing therapeutic alternatives
Dispense and bill for the appropriate medicine based on the e-prescription provided.

We have written custom e-prescription software for pharmacies to help them dispense the appropriate medicine based on the patient’s e-prescription and the rules provided by the pharmacy benefit manager.

You have many e-prescribing software vendors to choose from. So why choose us? At Claricode, we develop custom electronic prescription software solutions that are tailor-made to meet your needs. We consult with you throughout the design and development process to ensure that the e-prescription software solution we develop is true to your vision. Our process is highly collaborative and customer-focused. Our software development team has been designing and building custom prescription-writing software solutions for more than ten years. This expertise enables them to build your electronic prescribing software system more quickly and with fewer resources.

Some of our past e-prescribing software projects have included:

  • Computerized physician order entry systems for hospitals
  • Connecting an application to an existing e-prescribing system
  • Medication refill history
  • New medication orders
  • Refill orders
  • Using First Databank (FDB)
  • Using Lexi-Comp's medication database
  • Using Medi-Span’s medication database
  • Using RxNorm
  • Building cloud-based e-prescribing software that is integrated into hundreds of EMRs and Practice Management Systems using an API
  • Creating a software-as-a-service e-prescribing system, that processes millions of prescriptions per year

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