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Guide to Medical Software Development

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{ integration & standards }

Integration is connecting two systems together so that they can provide a benefit to the patient and/or provider. Standards are agreed upon ways of transmitting data.

our integration & standards experience

Almost all of our projects have integration and/or standards involved with them. Here are only a few of the many integration projects that we have worked on:

  • Creating a medical coding system that uses ICD9 codes to describe medical visits.
  • EMR integration with a billing system using HL7
  • First use of Continua's xHR integration standard (also called PHMR) to receive data from a medical device.
  • HealthVault integration with a disease management system
  • HITSP C32 compliant CCD (CDA) to convey a patients active medications
  • HL7 integration between two EMRs
  • HL7 integration of multiple medical devices and an EMR
  • Integrating an Electronic Pill Bottle, a web service, and the Ambient Orb for medication adherence.

overview of integration & standards

Integration between medical software is typically done with the HL7 messaging, CCD, or CDA document standards. In addition to messaging standards, data standards, such as ICD-9-CM, are required to send messages successfully.

From writing HL7 integration from scratch to pulling data from existing EMR systems, Claricode has a lot of experience integrating healthcare software to make sure that you get the most from your systems.

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