Healthcare software development is all we do.

Our software expertise and familiarity with healthcare processes and standards ensures shorter development cycles and quality code delivered both on time and on budget.

We work with major healthcare systems and Fortune 500 medical companies as well as smaller organizations, and startups who want to create high quality healthcare software.

We build custom healthcare software to support your entire growth cycle from startup to serving millions of patients per year.

Consider Claricode your trusted healthcare software advisor for all of the phases of designing, developing, deploying, and supporting your medical software application. We are happy to act as your guide or as a helping hand for your existing team.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

"We knew we chose the right team when Claricode provided insight on our initial wireframes that prevented extra costs and time delays. Additionally, they constantly kept us informed of the project status and completed the high-caliber deliverables on time. We wouldn’t want to work with anyone else on future software development projects."

Dr. Jarrett Flood,
CEO, World Connect IPTV


"Solving challenging problems from scratch is very satisfying with the support of helpful teammates to brainstorm new approaches when I get stuck."

Software Developer, Claricode

The Claricode Difference

You have many healthcare software companies to choose from. Why choose us?

Customization: Healthcare Software Development With You in the Driver’s Seat
Some healthcare software companies want to sell you off-the-shelf software or pre-built applications. That’s not what we do. We collaborate with you to design and build customized software solutions that meet your organization’s specific needs and grow as you grow.

Investing in customized medical software increases your effectiveness, improves patient outcomes, and reduces costs.

Our customized software solutions can help you:

  • Improve clinical decision-making
  • See more patients in less time
  • Simplify billing processes
  • Stay in compliance with standards
  • Streamline processes and customize your workflow
  • Engage patients to more effectively manage their health

Expertise: Expect the Best
We hire only the best and collaborate as a team in our Needham, MA office. Our software development team has many years of experience working within the healthcare industry. Because medical software development is our sole focus and has been for over 13 years, we are experts in this field. We speak your language and understand healthcare standards and HIPAA requirements. We build flexible solutions that can change with your organization and the medical industry. Our software team’s extensive experience in healthcare software development allows us to complete complex software development projects more accurately and in a shorter time.

Communication: You are Central to Our Process
Each product you create is exclusively written and customized for you. We consult with you and stay connected with you throughout the process to ensure that the product we design and develop is what you envisioned.

Types of software we build include:

  • mHealth (mobile health) iOS apps and Android applications
  • Cloud software
  • Web applications
  • Medical device drivers that interact with cloud/Web systems
  • Integrated systems (medical devices, EMRs, Web applications)

Contact Us to chat with a healthcare software expert or call 800.635.5284.