Building a device driver to integrate a new Glucometer into Cloud Based Diabetes Software

"Recently, Claricode team was very responsive and rescheduled their priorities when we needed their support on an urgent project. We not only appreciate that they provided the services we needed based on our requirements, but also within our time frame and budget."

T.R. Piller, Director of IT and Security Officer, ARKRAY USA

Dedicated to personalizing the experience of managing diabetes, ARKRAY most recently turned to Claricode when they needed to integrate a new glucometer into their ARKCare software system. ARKCare allows patients to sync their glucometer data to an online cloud, making it easily accessible to members of their care team. Patients can also add additional information about their lifestyle as well as send messages to their healthcare providers. As Claricode collaborated with ARKRAY in the past, adding the ability to delete meter readings, ARKRAY knew Claricode would be a reliable and fast-acting partner.

Claricode worked quickly to ensure that ARKRAY's patients were able to sync their new glucometers as soon as possible. Claricode's extensive experience working with remote monitoring, patient management systems, and medical device integration allowed us to build ARKRAY the Device Driver for their Shine Glucometer within a short time frame and budget. The Driver allows the software to read data from the glucometer once connected to the computer and then to transmit the data to the ARKCare diabetes management system. Ultimately, ARKRAY was able to implement the integration successfully, without any loss of data.

Technologies used in the ARKCare solutions include:

  • C++
  • Javascript
  • .Net Framework
  • WebForms

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