We understand the specific needs of providers and how patients interact with technology. This niche experience results in practical, usable solutions that meet or exceed the goals and objectives for our clients.

While each project is unique, many have common approaches or elements. Our nimble organization is adept at following a client's established process and incorporating management requests or taking the lead to drive effective outcomes. We offer the same personal service, responsiveness and high-quality results to all of our clients regardless of their company size or project scope.


Cloud based telemedicine system to screen premature infants remotely for Retinopathy of prematurity to protect their vision


Live video telemedicine consultation connects thousands of doctors to patients anywhere and anytime.

Injured Workers Pharmacy

Injured Workers Pharmacy needed an e-prescribing solution for their pharmacy locations that would allow them to prescribe controlled substances


PlerooConnect came to us for help designing a cloud-based electrocardiogram (EKG) system to allow cardiologists to view either still or moving images from an exam on a laptop or tablet


Building a device driver to integrate a new Glucometer into Cloud Based Diabetes Software

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