Medical and Health Games For Kids

You might be a kid, but it's still important for you to know about health and the human body. Your body is an amazing combination of different systems that all work together so you can do everything that you do every day. If any of these important systems stop working, you could be in trouble. Choosing healthy foods is one way you can make sure that your body stays healthy.

Human Body

Your body includes 11 different systems that all do very important jobs so that you continue to grow and thrive. Your circulatory system includes your heart and blood vessels, which pump and transport blood throughout your body. Your respiratory system includes your lungs, which are responsible for bringing air into your body so you have oxygen and getting rid of carbon dioxide, which your body doesn't need. Other systems include the digestive, nervous, immune, and endocrine systems.

  • Brain Quiz: Take a brain quiz to learn how the brain and the nervous system works.
  • Human Body Quiz: This general human body quiz tests you with questions about the brain, lungs, and more.
  • The Human Body: Answer questions about the different systems that make up your body.
  • Magic School Bus Body Quiz: This Magic School Bus quiz shows questions about how fast your blood travels and about germs.
  • Human Body Digestive System Quiz: See how much you know about the digestive system by taking this basic quiz.
  • The Body Systems: Lesson Plan (PDF): This lesson plan teaches you how the different systems of the body work together to keep it functioning.
  • It's All About Me! (PDF): Learn about the skeletal, muscular, digestive, circulatory, and nervous systems in this lesson plan.
  • Human Organs and Systems Functioning (PDF): Organs inside the body all do special jobs. The heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys are some of the most important organs.
  • Human Body Systems Project (PDF): The human body includes 11 different systems that work together to keep the body functioning.
  • The Human Body (PDF): Learn about how the human body works and what could happen if even one of its systems stops working correctly.
  • Body System Challenge (PDF): Find the science terms about the human body hidden in this word-find puzzle.
  • Human Body Systems (PDF): Answer the clues about the human body to solve this crossword puzzle.
  • Human Body Crossword (PDF): This backward crossword puzzle already has all of the answers filled in, but you have to figure out the clues that go with each answer.
  • Labeling Game: To win this game, drag the correct name to each body part.
  • Body Parts Hangman: Guess letters to solve the hidden word. If you guess wrong eight times, you'll see the hidden word.
  • Learn the Skeletal System: Put the bones together to make a skeleton.
  • Poke-a-Muscle: The Muscleman lets you poke his muscles to learn the names.
  • The Human Body Game: Click on the parts of the body as you see the names of the body parts come on the screen.
  • Label the Skeleton: Fill in the names of the bones in this puzzle.
  • Find the Pairs: With 16 cards, your job is to match the cards with body parts to make eight pairs.


Keeping your body healthy takes work. You need to eat healthy foods, exercise, avoid drugs, take care of your teeth, and more. Good health doesn't just happen, but you can feel better when you know how to make healthy choices. Play games and do activities to learn about a healthy diet and more so that you can feel good and continue to grow every day.

  • Germinator Game: Play this game to keep germs from getting inside the body.
  • Heart Disease 101: See how much you know about heart disease with this overview.
  • Test Your Tobacco and Alcohol IQ: Answer these questions to see how much you know about tobacco and alcohol and how they affect the body.
  • Skin Cancer Investigation: Learn how to protect your skin from damaging ultraviolet rays by joining this interactive team.
  • Agent Guy Simplant: Guy Simplant is a secret agent. You have to help figure out what is wrong with his heart.
  • Conquer Castle Disease: Questions lead you through this castle. If you make it through, you will be in the Garden of Good Health.
  • Dining Decisions: This game gives you many different foods to choose for meals. You have to choose the most nutritious foods to win.
  • Calculate Your Body Mass Index: Your body mass index is the amount of body fat you have in connection with your height and weight.
  • Healthy Foods Puzzle: Put the puzzle pieces in place to show different healthy foods.
  • Healthy Food Word Search: Find the different foods hidden in this word search.
  • Smash Your Food: You'll get a plate of food, and you have to try to figure out how much sugar, salt, and oil are in the food on the plate. Press the lever to see how well you guessed.
  • Blast Off: Your spaceship needs nutritious food, so you have to fill it with the best food choices to give you enough food to eat for one day.
  • Fight Bac! Stay safe from bacteria by investigating bacterial crimes.
  • The Immune System Game: Learn how to keep your immune system strong by playing this game.
  • Moby's Maze: Guide Moby through the maze to avoid illnesses and keep him healthy.
  • Power Up Your Breakfast: Breakfast gives you energy and nutrients that will last throughout the day. Play this game to learn about breakfast.
  • Fitness Flapjack: Collect cards that show different activities, such as biking or swimming, along with the calories they burn per minute. You need to get as close to 21 calories as you can without going over.
  • To Tell the Tooth: This game involves answering questions. The more questions you answer correctly, the more points you earn.
  • Health Crossword Puzzle (PDF): Solve the clues to fill in the vocabulary words of this crossword puzzle.
  • Empowering Kids to Choose (PDF): Once you know about nutrition, you will be able to make healthy food choices that will keep you strong.