Software product development for medical software companies

Four reasons why medical software companies choose Claricode
  1. You won't have to explain HL7

    We only build medical software, so we know medical terms. This saves time, and reduces your costs.

  2. Your deadline - Yesterday

    Tight deadlines are a reality for pilot projects. We've done many pilots, so we know how to hit aggressive deadlines.

  3. You want experts on demand

    We're able to provide a variety of expertise. Without your long-term commitment to a full time resource. Here are some of our areas of expertise:

    • Project managers
    • Usability experts
    • Information architects
    • Software developers
    • Software architects

    Maybe you don't need a full time usability expert, but you know that your project needs one.

  4. Your resources are limited

    Medical software companies often have many software developers. Unfortunately, they are usually more than 100% utilized. That's where we can help. We can jumpstart a new project or energize an existing project.

Claricode history

In 2003, Claricode started by doing medical software development for a prestigious healthcare provider. Our advantage was the high quality of our code and of our people.

Project management and communications were purposely kept to a minimum in order to hit deadlines and keep within tight budgets.

As we grew (and our projects grew), we sharpened and expanded our project management processes to meet the needs of our clients.

Due to our heritage as a small and fast software development consultancy, our clients receive more value for their investment.

And now, our clients have the peace of mind that comes from a solid project management process.

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