Medical Resources - Head Trauma

We have all done this at one time or another. You move suddenly and hit your head on something. Most of the time, a bump on the head is just a bump on the head, without any complications. It will hurt for awhile and maybe you get a knot on your head for your trouble, but that is the only effect. However, other times you may get hit in the head and it is more, possibly much more. You may end up with a headache, become dizzy, blurred vision or other unusual symptoms. These may be signals that you had a head injury or trauma.

A blow to the head is something that needs to be taken seriously. When your head receives a blow, your brain moves which can cause a head injury. The severity of the blow and how the brain moves, will depend on the severity of the injury. As mentioned above, the injury to your head can range from a simple bump to headaches and even memory loss.

Head trauma can be put into various categories. They include a head injury, concussion, and traumatic brain injury. Each have symptoms that are similar, but the main difference is in the severity. To help people learn more about head injury and trauma, please review the following information.