Software development for healthcare providerss

Our experience with healthcare providers

Claricode was started by doing medical software development for healthcare providers.

Our focus on medical software development gives us the ability to understand your needs more quickly than otherwise possible. Our medical background helps us come up with better solutions for your healthcare provider organization. We know about HL7 and HIPAA, so you don't have to train us.

Our healthcare provider clients

Our clients include:

  1. Prestigious hospital systems
  2. Physician entrepreneurs
  3. Independent physician groups
  4. Home health care agencies

Unique challenges for healthcare providers

Physicians and nurses are under extreme time pressure to:

  1. See more patients in less time.
  2. Deliver the most effective care to each patient.
  3. Keep up with new medical research

This extreme time pressure means that providers will not use medical software, unless it is easy to use or they are forced to do so. Unfortunately, healthcare provider organizations often force software on their physicians and nurses, despite severe usability (ease of use) issues.

Our usability experts help your productivity

Our usability experts simplify the interface and the process of using medical software. We believe that anyone who can use a computer should be able to learn your software without reading a manual. That shortens your training time for each employee and increases the chance that they will use the software.

Workflow analysis before medical software development

We work with your team to determine a software workflow that matches how your health care providers do their job, before we start medical software development. That way, your providers don't waste time learning a new way to do things that may not be as efficient.

Capitalize your software project

Budgets are always broken up in odd ways in healthcare provider organizations. Capital investment budgets typically offer a larger source of funding than operating budgets. We can help you capitalize your investment in software development.

It is usually easier to capitalize software development that is done by a 3rd party such as Claricode than when it is done internally.

When software development is done internally and capitalized, you need to track the percentage of time spent on that project for each resource. Our internal systems can separate time spent on each projects, making it easy for you.

Sample projects for healthcare provider organizations
  1. An E-prescribing web service for hundreds of physicians
  2. Medication Knowledge Management System
  3. Appointment Scheduling Software for mammograms
  4. Remote Medical Devices - sending and receiving data.
  5. Adherence reminder system using a wireless pill bottle and the Ambient orb.
  6. Wound care imaging system using a mobile camera phone transmitting to a web service.
  7. Specialist Search using speech recognition on a standard phone line.
  8. Second Opinion management system using a unique workflow.

We've done many other projects for healthcare providers. Please contact us if you are curious about a different type of project.

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