Software development for consumer medical devices

Why medical device manufacturers hire Claricode

Consumer medical devices measure patients' health. These measurements alone, or combined with the patient’s medical record, can be used to diagnose medical conditions and create effective treatment plans.

However, without medical software to help analyze and store these device readings, medical devices are much less effective as a diagnostic tool.

The two approaches to developing software for medical devices:

  1. Create a stand-alone piece of medical software to help the patient understand and manage their medical condition
  2. Integrate medical device measurements into existing medical software such as Electronic Medical Records (EMRs).

Either approach creates a bunch of software development or application integration projects for the medical device manufacturer, distracting them from their core business of creating consumer medical devices.

Claricode has done medical software development using both approaches. So our clients can stay focused on creating innovative medical devices.

Consumer medical device standards

We are members of the Continua Health Alliance which is dedicated to creating standards to transmit data from remote medical devices. We participate in these discussions, so that we can keep our clients in touch with the latest standards.

Patient empowerment

Most patients who use a home medical device are not physicians. They are part-time medical device users who need to see clearly when to get help. They are people like your friends and family who have regular activities that they would like to do, if possible. We build the medical device software to help the patient understand the meaning of the data.

Patients want a simple answer from medical device software, such as:

  1. Immediately go to the hospital.
  2. Make an appointment with your doctor soon.
  3. Continue life as normal.
  4. You're doing better.

While we (at Claricode) are fascinated with the details of each reading, most patients would rather spend time with their friends and family than analyzing medical device measurements.

Device experience

Here is a list of medical device types for which we have developed medical software to process readings:

  1. Glucometers
  2. Activity Monitors
  3. Pedometers
  4. Weight Scales
  5. Pill Bottles
  6. Thermometers

Our medical software development projects with health care devices
  1. Universal database for Remote Medical Devices for prestigious healthcare network
  2. Medication adherence systems using wireless devices
  3. Diabetes management using data from remote glucometers.
  4. Wireless activity monitoring devices for an corporate fitness program
  5. Wireless scales to save weight loss patients a weekly trip to the doctor's office.

We've done many other medical software development projects with consumer medical devices. Please contact us if you are curious about a different type of project.

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