While definitions of fitness and wellness are often specific to each individual, fitness generally refers to physical capability, while wellness tends to carry a more holistic health connotation.

Often, patients and providers think of fitness and wellness with goals in mind, and work in tandem to achieve those objectives. The journey towards an individual’s fitness and wellness goals is often a challenging one, requiring medical and social support throughout its duration. Connected health software encourages accountability between patients and providers, as well as fosters an open line of communication and support.

With increasing accessibility to wellness oriented technology, patients and providers are looking to software to help provide a continuum of support and information.

Addressing a need within the growing market of fitness trackers, Claricode developed an integration platform for a leading healthcare organization, allowing them to integrate FitBit devices with their existing software. Claricode has also developed entire fitness and wellness applications. For example, Claricode created a wellness tracker aimed at not only tracking a patient’s steps and calories, but also intended to provide individualized coaching and rewards. The application incentivized positive health habits, while facilitating communication between the provider and patient.

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